Detects & lists the
verses from salah

Know every verse
the imaam recites

All Quranic verse
in your language

A dynamic app
for all Muslims


The only app that recognises recited verses from the holy Quran and identifies them for you automatically.

Speedy Results

Imaan Plus detects and lists verses with impressive speed and accuracy right before your eyes.

Easy to Use

We’ve designed Imaan Plus to be easy to use and to operate with minimum interaction.


We are committed to constantly improving Imaam Plus by introducing new and useful features regularly.


The Imaan Plus app is packed with impressive features...

Detects Recited Quran

Listens to and lists verses recited from the Holy Quran


Operates in complete silence, never disturbs the jammat

Multilingual Quran

真主阿克巴尔 Аллах акбар له أكبر
Dio è grande अल्लाहू अक़बर

Ayaat History

A complete list of detected surahs and ayaat for any time access


Easily find your favorite surahs and ayaats



Track where you were when you heard those verses that you love


Share the ayaats that move you and share in the reward

Clean and Modern

A fresh and clean UI design that’s intuitive and looks great!

Always Improving

We’re continuously improving Imaan Plus and to add new features

Completely FREE!

Fully functioning Imaan Plus completely FREE for everyone


See what our beta testers have to say about Imaan Plus...

happy customer

"Impressive accuracy and speedy"

- Bismillah (Beta Tester) 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"This is a game changer in the making"

- Amir (Beta Tester) 5/5 Stars!



Imaan Plus is available now for iOS and Android mobiles


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